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Do You Have a Federal Tax Lien?

Tax Liens can really make your life miserable! When your taxes are unpaid the IRS and/or the State files a lien against all of your assets. This gives them the legal right to collect taxes from the sale of your assets, which includes literally everything you own.

Tax liens may be filed against you, your spouse, or your company depending on how the tax liability was incurred. Everything you own is in jeopardy of becoming property of the government.

To make matters worse tax liens filed against you show up on your credit report and often prevent you from opening a checking account or borrowing against any assets, like your home. If a lender is willing to approve a loan for you, the interest rate will be higher when a lien appears on your credit report. Think about paying 18-22% interest on a car that is already too expensive. Buying or selling real estate is likely out of reach as well.

The good news is, unlike most Buffalo area tax firms, we specialize in solving tax problems and we can help get you back in compliance and remove any liens that you have on your assets. We’ve helped thousands of Western New Yorkers get back on track with the IRS and we can help you too!

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You Wouldn’t Go to Court Without an Attorney

So, why would you go before the IRS without representation? The Nationally Recognized Certified Tax Resolution Experts at Lawler & Witkowski, CPAs have been fighting and advocating on behalf of the taxpayers of Western New York for over 45 years!
Partners Larry Lawler and John Witkowski also founded the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. A Nonprofit Professional Association that teaches tax professionals from around the country how to solve tax problems in their local areas. Through ASTPS they teach and consult with thousands of professionals every year.

We can help remove tax liens!

Tax liens can be removed once the government is satisfied that you are compliant, so getting compliant is step number one in the process. That could be filing back tax returns, setting up an installment agreement, or enrolling in one of the other IRS settlement programs. The good news is once your tax problem is solved we can get tax liens erased from your credit report! If you have a tax problem and need our help call us today at (716) 631-5111.

Once you become our client you won’t have to speak to the IRS anymore. If they want information or to talk to you they will have to go through us. The first step to getting a tax lien removed is calling us at (716) 631-5111 and scheduling a one hour no obligation case evaluation with one of our Certified Tax Resolution Specialists. During this meeting we will discuss the details of the case and make plans to start the investigation. During the investigation phase of your case we will be gathering information, pulling transcripts, and finding out what the IRS knows about you. Once all the details are in place we will set up another meeting to go over your resolution options.

Trying to figure out how to remove a tax lien or to end a tax problem on your own probably feels overwhelming, and that’s why you’re entitled to representation. Take advantage of it! Believe it or not an experienced taxpayer representative often knows more about the IRS programs and rules than a lot of IRS agents!

We can help, but not until you call (716) 631-5111.

Dear Larry Lawler, My wife and I would like to thank you for being instrumental in negotiating our offer-in-compromise with the IRS. What seemed like insurmountable odds going into this process turned out to be a great victory for us. With your help, we were able to reduce a liability debt load of over $495,000.00 and negotiate a settlement for $500.00. You were able to overcome a disinterested party in the IRS who were not even interested in negotiating any settlement with us. Through your tact and technique, the IRS eventually settled upon our offer. I whole-heartedly recommend Lawler & Witkowski to anyone who has any IRS issues or problems. Hopefully, they may experience the same positive results as we got. Thanks again.

Pat – Depew, NY

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