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    What Taxpayers Need to Know to Solve Tax Problems

    Learn what programs are available to solve IRS problems. This plain-English description makes what is often like reading a foreign language, understandable and easy to relate to your own situation. Included are insights about how tax problems start, where to find help, and who is qualified to help taxpayers in trouble. Inside you will find descriptions of several IRS programs that can be used to solve IRS problems including:

    • Offer in Compromise
    • Installment agreement
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Currently Not Collectible
    • Bankruptcy
    • Innocent Spouse

    If you, or someone you know, has IRS problems, you will find several possible programs that can get you back on track and in the good graces of the government. The programs described may allow you to reduce the amount you have to pay, or allow you to make a settlement with the IRS, or pay them off over time at an amount that you can afford. Best of all, you will see that IRS problems can be resolved and that the solutions do not have to be financially devastating.

    Charles did not file tax returns for several years. The unpaid tax plus penalties and interest had grown to $178,585, more than he now makes in 4 years! Charles says: “When Larry called and said my Offer in Compromise for $1,000 was accepted, I was in shock! Raising 3 young sons alone is tough enough, but paying that bill would have been impossible. I can now pay attention to improving life for my sons and myself."

    Charles M. – Buffalo, NY