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Tax Return Filing

L&W Partners Set to Teach 9 Tax Resolution Seminars in 2017


They Don’t Just Solve Tax Problems, They Teach Other Professionals How To Solve Them Too!

You may have known that Larry Lawler and John Witkowski have been solving tax problems in Buffalo for over 30 years, but what you probably didn’t know is they are also founding members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. ASTPS is a non-profit professional association that is dedicated to teaching tax professionals around the country how to solve IRS problems in their local area.

Through ASTPS Larry and John teach hundreds of professionals every year, and the association currently has over 1000 members from all across the United States (and even a couple in Canada).

When members of ASTPSĀ get stuck on cases they call Larry & John for help! In fact they consult on 10+ cases a week!

Remember – When you come to L&W you’re not just getting the best IRS representation in Buffalo, you’re getting nationally recognized experts to personally work on your case.

When the team at L&W negotiate on your behalf, you can be confident you’re getting the best deal possible.

Lawler & Witkowski, CPA's

We are Buffalo's Tax Problem Resolution Specialists. We specialize in solving all IRS & State tax problems. If you have a tax problem and need help give us a call today!