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Councilman in Nevada has Huge IRS Problem

By June 9, 2019September 9th, 2019No Comments

A city council member in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas, has been struggling to overcome a nearly $2.4 million debt to the IRS.

Dan Shaw was the chairman and majority owner of VSS Enterprises, the former owner of the Castaway casino. Tax records show that in 2015, he owed nearly $2.4 million in back taxes, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Shaw initially told the Las Vegas newspaper that all IRS liens against him had been released. But that was only accurate when looking at liens related to taxes filed on his own behalf, not business-related taxes, the Review-Journal found. Shaw told the newspaper he owes “slightly less” than $2 million, though he was unsure of the exact amount.

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