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Is Tax Relief Really Possible?

Does just hearing the words Internal Revenue Service evoke feelings of nervousness and frustration? If so, you’ve come to the right place! If you have any unfiled returns, the IRS claims you owe money, or you’ve had a hardship that caused you not to be able to pay what you owe – you might be surprised to learn the truth about tax relief.

Larry Lawler, CPA, EA, CTRS | April 6, 2022

IRS problems have a way of ruining all aspects of your life. They take a toll on you financially, physically, and emotionally. You can never really forget about them. They creep out of that mental compartment to keep you awake late at night. They distract your days with IRS notices, letters, and threats. In general, IRS problems make life miserable.

Your IRS Problems are unlike many other problems in life, which may go away by themselves. Unfortunately, IRS Problems just continue to get worse and more costly with more penalties and interest being added daily.

See if you qualify for tax relief!

How does the IRS expect you to pay off your taxes if they keep adding penalties?

I don’t know what the IRS thinks, but I do know that they ruin people’s lives every day with these ridiculous penalties. IRS penalties are supposed to deter people from messing up their tax obligations. Instead, they bury you so far that it seems impossible to dig your way out.

You’re probably always looking over your shoulder to see if the IRS is coming!

Once you owe the IRS money, they become very aggressive in their collection attempts. One of the most common collection methods the IRS uses is the LEVY!

They will use either a Bank Levy or a Wage Levy. If you’re lucky enough to still have a bank account, the Bank Levy allows the IRS to present your bank with a piece of paper that requires the bank to immediately withdraw all the money you owe the IRS.

Many times these Bank Levies are wrong, but the IRS doesn’t care and it’s up to you to correct the problem.  To make matters worse the IRS Bank Levy may capture your children’s, parent’s, girlfriend’s or spouse’s bank account, if your name happens to be on the account. Even if it’s just on there for convenience.

As bad as the bank levy Is, The wage levy (Garnishment) is much worse!

The bank levy is a one shot deal. Meaning that the IRS must issue a new Bank Levy every time they want to clean out your bank account. This repeated effort on their part isn’t necessary with the Wage Levy. It’s designed to bring you to your knees.

Once a Wage Levy is issued, IRS requires the employer to immediately start withholding everything you earn above a small amount they leave you to try and survive on. At this point, you are trying to pay both current and old tax liabilities at the same time.

Wage Levies often result in you receiving only a few hundred dollars per pay period. It is often nearly impossible to pay your bills and survive on the amount they leave you. IRS knows that Wage Levies cause all types of harm to you and your family, yet they mail out thousands every day.

Imagine having the IRS attack your pension, retirement or Social Security check!

The IRS leaves no stone unturned in the never-ending quest to collect taxes, penalties and interest. Sure, people think the IRS can’t or won’t levy retirement funds. They hope that when they get old, the IRS will forget about them and how much they owe the IRS.

Don’t believe it, the IRS never forgets! They just keep adding penalties to what you owe each day until they find you, or your money, or your income source. Then it’s Pay Day for the IRS!

You may have heard of IRS programs to pay less than you owe.

How much Less? Well, if you qualify, a lot LESS! The IRS looks at these old tax liabilities and knows they will not collect most of them. So, they have set up this great program called Offer In Compromise. This program allows taxpayers to pay what they can afford regardless of the amount the IRS says they owe.

The Offer Program requires the total amount owed to be included in the settlement. Therefore, once you qualify and have an accepted Offer, you are completely paid up and your tax problems are finally over. And, even payroll taxes can be settled this way.

When I say Settle Up, I mean completely, 100%! Once the IRS has accepted the amount you offer and you pay the reduced amount, then the IRS releases all Federal Tax Liens. Your IRS nightmare is over and you get your life back.

Our firm specializes in ending the misery of IRS Problems! However no one can help you until you decide to help yourself.

Many taxpayers have been able to have IRS reduce the penalties.

For Taxpayers who don’t file an Offer In Compromise – We can help with a request to the IRS to Abate the IRS penalties for “Reasonable Cause.” This can be as simple as explaining to the IRS that your basement flooded. It’s a great way to drastically reduce the total amount you owe the IRS.

Many taxpayers use our firm to keep the IRS away from them and their families. Most of our clients Never Meet or Speak With The IRS. We make the IRS call US, so our clients can go to work and carry on a normal life.

Your IRS problem will not go away by itself. You only have three choices to end your IRS Nightmare. You can do one of the following:

  1. Pay the IRS 100% of What They Think You Owe Today.
  2. Set up a Monthly Payment Which Never Goes Away Due to the Additional Penalties and Interest That Continue to Add Up.
  3. Reduce the Total amount Owed to an Affordable Number and Get on with Your Life!

Find out if you qualify!

Lawler & Witkowski CPAs works with taxpayers across the country and can help you explore all of your options, but you must take the first step.

Fill out the evaluation below, and if we believe you might qualify for tax relief we will set up a 100% free tax relief consultation with a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Worst case scenario you will gain insight into your issue.

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EA, Certified
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Dear Larry Lawler:

My wife and I would like to drop you a note to thank you for being instrumental in negotiating our offer-in-compromise with the IRS. What seemed like insurmountable odds going into this process, turned out to be a great victory for us.

With your help, we were able to reduce a liability debt load of over $495,000 and negotiate a settlement for $500.

You were able to overcome a disinterested party in the IRS who were not even interested in negotiating any settlement with us. Through your tact and technique, the IRS eventually settled upon our offer.

Also, not all specialists in debt cancellation are created equal. I had first contracted with another firm and they totally botched up the whole process and told me that I would not be able to have a settlement with the IRS. They said that the IRS had rejected my offer and that they were through with my case. You had to overcome the bad taste that company had left with the IRS concerning my case and proceed from there with patience to ultimate victory.

Once again, we thank you for all your help and assistance. I only wish that I had chosen your firm first. I obviously would have settled this case much sooner and saved some money in the process.

I whole heartily recommend Lawler & Witkowski to anyone who has any I.R.S. issues or problems. Hopefully, they may experience the same positive results as we got.


Charles did not file tax returns for several years. The unpaid tax plus penalties and interest had grown to $178,585, more than he now makes in 4 years! Charles says:

“When Larry called and said my Offer in Compromise for $1,000 was accepted, I was in shock!

Raising 3 young sons alone is tough enough, but paying that bill would have been impossible. I can now pay attention to improving life for my sons and myself.”


Mary’s husband died at age 68 and left her with an old IRS problem. He had been fighting for 7 years because he didn’t believe he owed the tax the IRS was trying to collect from him. The IRS kept after Mary once he died. After we handled her case, Mary said:

“The people at Larry’s firm were so competent they were able to resolve this matter with no tax due, a far cry from the $46,758 the IRS wanted from me!”

Thank you,