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Dear Larry Lawler – My wife and I would like to drop you a note to thank you for being instrumental in negotiating our offer-in-compromise with the IRS. What seemed like insurmountable odds going into this process, turned out to be a great victory for us.

With your help, we were able to reduce a liability debt load of over $495,000 and negotiate a settlement for $500.

You were able to overcome a disinterested party in the IRS who were not even interested in negotiating any settlement with us. Through your tact and technique, the IRS eventually settled upon our offer.

Also, not all specialists in debt cancellation are created equal. I had first contracted with another firm and they totally botched up the whole process and told me that I would not be able to have a settlement with the IRS. They said that the IRS had rejected my offer and that they were through with my case. You had to overcome the bad taste that company had left with the IRS concerning my case and proceed from there with patience to ultimate victory.

I whole heartily recommend Lawler & Witkowski to anyone who has any I.R.S. issues or problems. Hopefully, they may experience the same positive results as we got.


Charles did not file tax returns for several years. The unpaid tax plus penalties and interest had grown to $178,585, more than he now makes in 4 years! Charles says:

“When Larry called and said my Offer in Compromise for $1,000 was accepted, I was in shock!

Raising 3 young sons alone is tough enough, but paying that bill would have been impossible. I can now pay attention to improving life for my sons and myself. Thanks! ” – Charles

Mary’s husband died at age 68 and left her with an old IRS problem. He had been fighting for 7 years because he didn’t believe he owed the tax the IRS was trying to collect from him. The IRS kept after Mary once he died. After we handled her case, Mary said:

“The people at Larry’s firm were so competent they were able to resolve this matter with no tax due, a far cry from the $46,758 the IRS wanted from me!”

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